Why you should/shouldn’t have an unplugged wedding ceremony

In this age of smartphones and social media, it's no surprise that our lives have become increasingly documented through photographs. While this can be a wonderful way to capture memories, it also raises an important question for couples planning their wedding ceremony: Should you have an unplugged wedding?


**What is an Unplugged Wedding?**


Before we delve into the reasons for and against an unplugged wedding ceremony, let's clarify what it actually means. An unplugged wedding is one where the couple kindly asks their guests to refrain from using their smartphones, cameras, or other electronic devices to take pictures or record videos during the ceremony.


**The Case for an Unplugged Wedding**


1. **Intimate and Focused Moments:** By having an unplugged ceremony, you create an intimate and focused atmosphere. Without guests busy snapping photos, your loved ones can be fully present and emotionally engaged in the moment, savoring the significance of your vows.


2. **Professional Photography Unobstructed:** With no distractions from guest cameras or phones, your professional photographer can capture unimpeded shots of your ceremony. This allows them to create a cohesive and visually stunning wedding album that showcases your love story without distractions.


3. **Guests Enjoy the Experience:** Guests attending an unplugged ceremony are more likely to enjoy the experience to the fullest. They won't be preoccupied with capturing the perfect shot and can genuinely immerse themselves in the joyous occasion.


4. **Privacy and Control:** By limiting guest photography, you maintain control over the images that circulate on social media. This is particularly important if you prefer to keep your wedding ceremony private until you share the professional photographs at a later time.


**Reasons to Embrace Technology**


1. **Guests as Photographers:** Allowing guests to take pictures during the ceremony means you get a diverse range of perspectives and candid shots. You might uncover some gems that your professional photographer may not have captured.


2. **Instant Sharing:** Many couples love the idea of seeing snapshots of their wedding ceremony almost immediately. With guests snapping away, you can relive the special moments through their social media posts.


3. **Spontaneous Moments:** Guest photography can capture spontaneous and unexpected moments that add a fun and genuine touch to your wedding album.


**Finding the Right Balance**


An unplugged wedding ceremony has its merits, but it's not for everyone. As a couple, take the time to discuss what matters most to you. If you choose to go unplugged, communicate your wishes to your guests politely and consider displaying a sign to remind them of your request.

Alternatively, you may decide to embrace technology and let your guests snap away freely. In this case, it's a good idea to communicate with your photographer to ensure they can work harmoniously with guest photography.